CGP for QSDs (Qualified SWPPP Developers)

Western Chapter presented two webinars focused on the new CGP, specifically the new roles and responsibilities for QSDs and QSPs. Each are a 1-hour webinar, one for QSDs and the other for QSPs. We will be highlighting key differences between the 2009 Permit and the 2022 Permit, with the primary focus centered on the responsibilities for each role under the 2022 Permit. QSDs and QSPs must understand the differences between the two permits for the two-year transition period.

Our presenters (Matthew Renaud– Day 1 QSD and Melanie Sotelo – Day 2 QSP) outline key differences and provide information on the new requirements that the QSDs and QSPs will be required to implement as of September 1st.

Participants will earn 1 PDH. Webinar viewers must request a PDH certificate upon completing the webinar. Email us your Name, and cell phone number at

CGP for QSDs (Qualified SWPPP Developers), 11:45-1 pm. 

CGP for QSPs (Qualified SWPPP Practitioners), 11:45-1 pm.

Zoom Webinar Event has 2 presenters1-2 min. EVENT Sponsor Presentation~45-minute presentation with ~10 minutes of recorded Q&A afterward.

OBJECTIVES:–    Highlight the difference between the two permits–    Pragmatic approach for the QSD/QSPs most likely attendees–    A project in the life of that role, what are the requirements, and what is entailed.

Audience:Practitioners and developers of SWPPPs, professionals interested in effective and economical methods of erosion and sediment control leading to improved water and air quality; environmental restoration; and land stewardship as it pertains to the California General Construction Permit.

  • Academics
  • Agencies
  • Municipalities
  • Caltrans
  • Consultants
  • Contractors
  • DOTs
  • Engineers
  • Forest Service
  • Public Works Directors
  • Soil Scientists
  • State Regulators
  • Trade Associations
  • Water Agencies


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