Events & Education Committee

Chairpersons: Shanna Delgado, 

This committee's primary responsibilities are

  •  Plan chapter events
  • Determine educational tracks for the year
  • Coordinate chapter events at the conference
  • Mentoring

This committee coordinates the chapter’s education outreach activities to members and students, including sponsorship of students to chapter events, and sponsoring scholarship students to the IECA conference. This committee has many possible activities, including short courses, one-day seminars, field tours, software, research, a speakers’ bureau, educational curriculum guidance, and school liaisons.

Marketing/Communications Committee

Chairperson: John Oldenburger 

This committee oversees the publication of the Western Chapter News - the chapter newsletter, the development and update of the chapter website, and other electronic communications. This committee provides information on new Board members, new committees, and chapter activities to the chapter membership and IECA.

This committee's primary responsibilities are

  • IT/Social Media content
  • Newsletter
  • Partnerships
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Promotion 
  • Research
  • Member feedback

Membership Development Committee

Chairperson: Jeanne Duarte,

This committee's main responsibilities are the retention of current membership and attracting new members.

This committee is responsible for membership activities including welcoming new chapter members, promoting chapter growth through membership campaigns, updating the membership benefits lists, coordinating with IECA, providing Chapter updates to IECA Headquarters for NewstoUse and providing the Board of Directors information on current membership for correspondence. 

Chapter members are welcome and encouraged to join the committees. If you are interested in joining a committee or have an idea to share, please get in touch with the committee Chairperson.