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Newsletter - Summer 2022


Dear Western Chapter Members,

With the dry conditions continuing in our member states, the significant potential for wildfires persists. We see this in the fact that several fires are currently active throughout our coverage area. One of many post-fire concerns is erosion. Post-fire erosion is impacted by precipitation, slopes, soil types, and the level of severity of the burn and can require several types of BMPs to be implemented in order to minimize erosion. Fortunately, many Western Chapter members are experienced with erosion and sediment control products, as well as
seeding, that can be applied to mitigate erosion and promote new vegetation growth. If you need guidance with post-fire erosion issues, look to the Products & Services Directory for resources. The Directory can be found here.

Many developments disturb soils without understanding the importance of final stabilization or how proper implementation of erosion and sediment control BMPs can result in responsible development stewardship. The importance of erosion mitigation is an essential and significant component of keeping sediment on-site and is also a focus of the Western Chapter’s upcoming field tour.

The Truckee & Tahoe Restoration Project Tour is planned for this August. This tour visits three separate restoration projects and a bike trail project and will discuss BMPs, dealing with invasive and protected species, construction challenges, and erosion control implementation.

Melanie Sotelo MSE, CPESC, CPSWQ
WCIECA President 2022
CASC Engineering & Consulting

While the field tour is discussed further in this newsletter, I wanted to take a moment to highlight the work behind the scenes of this event. Western Chapter’s Events committee, which is made up of volunteers, has been hard at work in coordinating and planning this event since last fall. The Committee has been busy from developing the agenda, scoping projects, and organizing tours, to coordinating buses and lunches and establishing tour budgets and fees. As has been said before, volunteers are a key to the success of the Western Chapter’s events, and we are blessed with great ones. Thank you to all of those involved in making this event happen.

Please consider supporting the Western Chapter by signing up for the field tour event, signing up your staff to attend the event, or sponsoring future educational events. The success of these types of events helps promote future event opportunities. 

Melanie Sotelo, MSE, CPESC, CPSWQ
President, Western Chapter
International Erosion Control Association

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