Evaluation of Erosion and Sediment Control Options Under Simulated High Intensity Rainfall

When:  May 7, 2024 from 05:00 PM to 06:00 PM (MT)

Presented by: Dr Luke Verstraten

In any effective Erosion and Sediment Control strategy, primary erosion control should be a key focus. Erosion and sediment controls are beneficial for construction sites impacted by increases in high-intensity rainfall events to reduce the burden on sediment basins. It is becoming common practice to increase design rainfall intensities to account for climate change making a focus on erosion control even more crucial. Substantial improvements to water quality can be achieved with erosion and sediment controls, with some erosion controls limiting TSS concentrations to well below the requirements of legislation under simulated high-intensity rainfall conditions. Effective erosion control methods help construction site policy makers, designers and erosion control professionals achieve the objectives for site compliance. By gaining an understanding of which erosion controls are effective in preventing sediment runoff, land users across various industries will be better equipped to effectively manage their sites and prevent sediment-laden water entering our waterways. 


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Url: https://ehub.ieca.org/products/evaluation-of-erosion-and-sediment-control-options-under-simulated-high-intensity-rainfall
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