IECA Young Professionals Webinar Series | Part Two: Erosion and Sediment Control

When:  Oct 26, 2023 from 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM (MT)

Part Two: Erosion and Sediment Control

Date: Thursday 26 October 2023
Time: 3:00 PM Mountain Time
Duration: 1 Hour

Erosion Control - Understanding the Players in the Game

Think of erosion and sediment control like a game of soccer or football (depending on where you’re from!). Sediment controls are the goalie. They are the last line of defense and can save you from losing the game. They are always required no matter how good your team is. Erosion controls are the players on the field. A strong focus on keeping soil where it is in the first place (erosion control) – that’s how you win the game!

Presented By: Kel Sanson, CPESC

Effective Sediment Control is Universal 

Sediment control is the last line of defense in keeping pollutants from leaving a project area. Using the right tools for the job is crucial in effectively containing and managing any potential discharges. There are numerous tools to choose from when approaching a difficult sediment control problem, and having a thorough knowledge of your site and BMPs will help decide which tool is right for the job. This section of the presentation will also highlight some complications and examples of BMP failures and successes.

Presented By: Matt Klaser, CESSWI, CPESC

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