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MAC IECA & Northeast Chapters Abstracts due 4/26

  • 1.  MAC IECA & Northeast Chapters Abstracts due 4/26

    Posted Apr 17, 2024 08:18 AM

    Good morning. Please consider submitting an abstract by April 26th. Details below.


    The MAC IECA and Northeast Chapters of IECA will be co-hosting their Annual Conference in Scranton, Pennsylvania, September 10 & 11, 2024. With a focus on stormwater and erosion control solutions in the region, this conference was specifically designed to cater to the needs of professionals like you who manage these critical aspects. We are currently seeking abstracts for research findings, case studies, workshops, technical papers and more to help attendees learn about real world industry solutions applicable to the area. These topics cover a diverse range of industry-related issues and provide an excellent foundation for meaningful discussions and knowledge exchange.

    ·       Managing Soil for Vegetative Establishment: Explore strategies and best practices for soil management to promote successful vegetative growth.

    ·       Response to Extreme Weather

    ·       Innovative BMPs/Research and Development: Highlight innovative Best Management Practices (BMPs) and ongoing research efforts to enhance sustainability and environmental protection.

    ·       Solar Development: Discuss advancements in solar energy infrastructure installation and maintenance.

    ·       Linear Development - Oil and Gas & Roadways: Examine the impact of linear developments (such as pipelines, highways, and railways) on soil and water resources.

    ·       BMP Long Term Operation and Maintenance Strategies: Share insights on maintaining and optimizing BMPs over the long term to ensure their effectiveness.

    ·       Watershed Steward Programs: Showcase community-based initiatives aimed at preserving and restoring watersheds.

    ·       Working in Waterways


    Submissions are due Friday, April 26th – submit today at


    Thank you.




    Reta Smith

    IECA Northest Chapter Secretary